Gold whale tale. After thinking of every generic short statement applying to my life, I decided to look in front of me. Coconut oil was taken. Tail? No. Tale. See what I did there?

Blogs. I’m very new at this. I’ve never kept up a blog before, though the thought has crossed my mind. I have an interesting life. I used to keep a diary, kept one since I was 9 years old. My “future ex husband” decided they would be a great bedtime read and proceeded to use the information he read against me for the duration of our marriage. Nothing like hearing about things you did when you were 15, almost 15 years later, in an argument. I stopped writing.

There are many parts of my life, as I’m sure is the same with everyone. I have a job, that I happen to love most of the time. I have two children, which I love all of the time but still drive me crazy. I am currently sticking my toes in to the sewage that is “dating at 30”. That awkward age of “I probably just got out of a long relationship and I just want to sleep with you… but I’m not telling you until later.” All while dealing with letting go of a husband that while a narcissist, was my comfort zone. That’s what happens when you date/marry someone for almost 11 years. You become comfortable. You lose part of your identity and don’t even know what to do without them. But I’m managing just fine!


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